Use this free software to assist you in building your high-pass filter

Subsaver saves you having to get out the calculator to work out the component values for your high-pass filter. It will design a second-order filter, with or without added gain, and with or without a peaking response

Detailed information about the filter is available on the high-pass filter page, which covers the design notes, recommended power supply and how to use WinISD to select the filter characteristics


Subsaver screenshot - circuit view
Subsaver screenshot - circuit
Subsaver screenshot- graph view
Subsaver screenshot - graph

Features of current version - V1.01

Click the image to download Subsaver

Subsaver is written in Visual Basic 6 and runs under Windows.
To run this software on an Apple Mac or possibly on Linux, you will need to install the Wine windows compatibility layer

Security information:
Filesize 90,112 bytes
MD5 Hash Code 55F8C345EB64D5B47EC76B1DF9D35882
Hash Code Generator to verify software against this value can be downloaded here

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