Subwoofer Porting

This section brings together information about porting derived from a series of experiments and measurements, along with techniques for making your own DIY subwoofer ports.

Advantages of a Ported Subwoofer

Disadvantages of a Ported Subwoofer

Relative costs

A ported subwoofer will cost more than a sealed box. Commercial flared ports and / or PVC pipe and fittings become expensive, particularly in the larger sizes as utilised in modern subs. There is also the cost in time to install and finish the ports. DIY ports, as described on this site are much cheaper but take a fair amount of time to produce. A sealed box can use high-excursion drivers with equalisation circuits and larger amplifers to match the bottom end of the ported systems, but the driver and amp costs outweigh the savings in the box itself.

Ports upgraded with larger flares
Photo of ports upgraded with larger flares


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