Collo's DIY Subwoofer Tools

This site aims to pass on what I've learnt from building a series subwoofers over a period of years.

Each design is presented along with a gallery of images taken during construction.

Along the way, some Windows-based tools have been developed, which are all totally free

There's one for optimising enclosure dimensions for resonances, whilst taking port and driver volumes into account

There's also software for designing flared ports, along with plenty of info on the subject

A fairly extensive section on understanding QRD diffusers includes software to design them

A bit of time is also devoted to building tips, to help your job go more smoothly.

Enjoy your stay. Bill "Collo" Collison, Aussie sub builder and code wrangler


The full system. Two buddies plus blast furnace



Free software to help you design your enclosure, whether it's a regular box or a sonosub. Choose your port flare sizes and build a high-pass filter. Design a QRD diffuser.



All you will ever need to know about ports and port flares - how to design them, and how to make or buy 'em. Read about the flare testing experiments.



All the subwoofers built so far, ranging from a simple box, to a 12 driver Infinite Baffle monster.



Help with actually building your sub including an illustrated step by step walk through.



Get your sub to work nicely with your room and existing Home Theater equipment. Apply room treatments.


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