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Collo's DIY Subwoofer Enclosures

This obsession for building subwoofers has raged for some years now, yet shows no sign of abating. Along the way a lot has been learnt about building these little devils, some of which may inspire others to have a go.
Be warned though, these things are addictive....Bill "Collo" Collison, Australia
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Inspiration graphic
All the subwoofers built so far, ranging from a simple box, to a 12 driver Infinite Baffle monster. The section also contains a heap of photos from the Internet, organised by construction type and finishing options

Porting graphic
All you will ever need to know about ports and port flares - how to design them, and how to make or buy 'em. Read about the flare testing experiments

Design graphic
Free software to help you design your enclosure, whether it's a regular box or a sonosub. Choose your port flare sizes and build a high-pass filter. Design a QRD diffuser. For Aussies, up to date pricing on Drivers, Subwoofer Amplifiers and PVC pipe

Construction graphic
Help with actually building your sub including an illustrated step by step walk through

Integration graphic
Get your sub to work nicely with your room and existing Home Theater equipment. Apply room treatments

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Find the information you're looking for, both on this site and elswhere. Check out the Navigation Tips page. Send me some feedback. Set yourself up with the RSS feed
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