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Use this free software to assist you in deciding the actual dimensions for your enclosure

After using software such as WinISD to chose the volume and port sizes for your new speaker, turn to Boxnotes to find the best dimensions for your enclosure.

Screenshot - Boxnotes main form
Screenshot showing use of Imperial units. Metric is also supported

Features of current version - V3.1

Click the image to download Boxnotes
Boxnotes is written in Visual Basic 6 and runs under Windows.
Security information:     Filesize 380,928 bytes     MD5 Hash Code D80292CF51E2475D103D0010B4F9FF70
If you don't have them installed, you may need to grab the VB6 Runtimes - Windows XP already has them.


Notice: Minor error found in earlier versions of boxnotes
The driver-to-wall resonances shown in boxnotes versions 2.82 and earlier were wrong
They were calculated on the assumption that the driver acts as the open end of a resonant pipe
These experiments show that it acts as a closed end
The resonances are thus half-wave rather than quarter-wave and the frequency need to be doubled as a result
This error has been corrected in the current version (V3.00 onwards)


Additional screenshots

Screenshot - Cutting List
Cutting List shown with "exact size" option selected


Screenshot - Cutting List
Cutting List shown with option to factor in use of router to trim some edges, and with tooltips activated

When printing, more options are available by selecting "Project / Generate Report" from the main menu, where you will be able to include the tooltips in the printout


Screenshot - Minimum size check
Minimum size check screen


Screenshot - Report options
Report options screen
Here's a sample report with with all options selected


Some of the nice things people have said...
Your program helped me to design a wonderful sounding sub that I could actually afford to own, LOL. Thanks as well for including the "system info" easter egg, that little tool is great! Paul B, Australia
I was elated to find your "FREE" software.......thanks again for sharing your time and talent Steiph Z ,Decatur, Georgia, USA
Thanks mate. I've been looking for something just to work on whats the optimum dimensions for my box. I know the volume it needs to be...but what's the best dimensions? Thanks, you're a legend. Great site..... Shane S, Chicago
I downloaded Boxnotes yesterday and learned a lot from it. I think it's a perfect compliment to WinISD. Everybody who I've told about WinISD will hear about boxnotes next. Many thanks.... Jim M - comment posted on WinISD support forum


Changes to the software are tracked in the Version notes
For more information about using Boxnotes, see the user guide
If you use Boxnotes to generate your cutting list, see the Speaker Building page for assembly tips
For some ideas on reducing the impact of resonances, see the Damping Treatments page


Other software available on this site

Sonosub - design a cylindrical subwoofer. Check resonances and clearances
Flare-it, - find the correct port flare size to avoid audible turbulence
Subsaver - calculator for finding component values for a 2nd-order high-pass filter
QRDude - calculator for designing advanced QRD diffusers

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